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Rapacon Philly DJ, Emcee, Actor Auditions, April

Things are heating up for Rapacon Philly and there are a lot of opportunities for HipHop talent to get involved! For emcee’s, Rapacon will be having their popular “Rapathon”, an event where some of the best Freestyle MC’s on the planet take turns spittin bars in a non stop cypher. The Philly Rapathon will be a special “Pro Series” where the best MC will win a $500 PRIZE as RAPATHON MVP.

Next the popular DJ-Con will also be going down at Rapacon! The DJ-Con gives respect to the Foundation of Hip Hop which is the DJ. DJ-Con is a non stop DJ-ing marathon where DJ’s from all over come and perform in one place. The current record for the event is 125 Dj’s, which city will break the current record for most DJ’S performing in one place!

Finally at Rapacon there will be a big Old School HipHop concert where they will celebrate Philly’s pioneering emcees from the 80’s and 90’s. But in true Rapacon fashion the concert will be done in all HipHop Cosplay. Emcee’s singers, dancers, actors will dress up in 80’s-90’s HipHop fashion and preform classic HipHop gems from that era. That’s gonna be an epic concert which combines Karaoke, Cosplay and HipHop.

All auditions will be happening in April in Philly. For more details contact staff@rapacon.com or call (212)234-7171

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Phife Dawg – Nutshell – Produced By J-Dilla


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