Samurai To Fu

Samurai To-Fu – Figure by Devilrobots x Threezero

We’re diggin the new Samurai To-Fu 1:6 figure from Devilrobots and Threezero!! The 15” figure comes with all kinds of nicely detailed goodies like a Kimono, Scarf, boss Bamboo Hat, cool accessories, samurai sword, wakizashi, gun, five..yes FIVE exchangeable hands and even a Frog companion!! Even the fro companion comes with his own cabinet and two pairs of exchangeable amphibian hands.

Originally we weren’t really fans of the To-Fu figures with the exception of Dj To-Fu 😉 but this one put a lil soft spot in our hearts for the character.

This awesome Samurai To-Fu set will be available for pre-order on Thursday, April 28th @ 6 PM PDT from Threezero’s webstore!

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