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Pharrell, Nigel Sylvester, Joey BadA$$ BMXing In NYC (@gstarraw)

A few days ago Pharrell, Nigel Sylvester, Joey BadA$$ and a bunch of street riders rode their bikes around the New York City Streets just chilling, having fun and showing some steeze of course!

The HypebeastTV produced video featured the riders as they were all hitting the streets in In commemoration of the G-Star RAW grand opening on Fifth Avenue. They rode from Brooklyn(From Brooklyn Machine Works possibly?) over the Williamsburg Bridge, all the way up to the new G-Star spot while a ton of fans lined up to see the HipHop BMX Collective. It’s was prety dope!!

We gotta give props to Pharrell for represnting on the bike and riding through town with the crew. Pretty dope for a self proclaimed poser 😉 Hey he said he was a poser not us lol.

We can’t wait to see more videos of Pharrell and Nigel doing their thing! ..And we didn’t even know Joey rode, Nice!!

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