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Crazy Al Cayne Spotted On DIG BMX ‘In The Cut’ Video

Crazy Al Cayne spotted filming and doing some old school BMX tricks at the recent 2017 GT BMX Freestyle Product launch at 5050 Skatepark. Rob Dolecki of Dolecki Visuals was filming for DIG BMX and got some clips of his buddy in the final edit which is featured on

The Dig BMX ‘In The Cut’: 2016 GT 5050 JAM edit shows highlights from the 2017 GT BMX Freestyle product launch and the crazy action from the Jam! It was an awesome day with lots of rad action going on! Rob captured Jason Phelan’s backflip in the rain, Casey Sterling’s backflip fakie, 180 back flip and a host of other crazy tricks and combos. Plus Crazy Al Cayne was featured at the intro of the video with a gut lever….Awwwww yeah!!

Big Shout out to DIG BMX and Rob Dolecki for the love!!

As we were watching the video we realized that we were taking photos at the same time Rob was filming. So we wound up getting a few behind the scenes photos of some of the clips in the Dig Edit. Check them out in the gallery below. Pretty cool!

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