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NBC Only show’s Last Seconds Of Connor’s BMX Olympic Win On Youtube

So Team USA BMX Athlete Connor Fields brings the first BMX gold medal home to the USA, The country that created the sport and they can’t event make the whole race available on Youtube!?! This is one of the many reason why NBC should not be covering the Olympics. Not everyone was able to watch the awesome livestream, the broadcast of the BMX racing didn’t air as scheduled on Network, it was just crazy.  THEY EVEN DISABLED THE EMBED OPTION ON THEIR YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!! CLEARLY THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW THIS SOCIAL MEDIA THING WORKS!!

NBC is trying to strong arm their Olympic content so the only place you can really see the footage is on NBC OnDemand, The NBC App and Now if you know anything about website viewer trends, every time a visitor has to click on a link to see content you loose a percentage of viewers. In order to see the BMX finals on we had to click on 4 links to get to it.. The only thing NBC did good was the livestream which is actually the way the Olympics use to be aired on TV.

CLICK HERE to save yourself the trouble of navigating NBC’s site to see the race

Then on top of all that, NBC keeps titling the BMX finals as: “Team USA’s Connor Fields led BMX finals from start to finish, took home gold” Which is BS because it was Connor’s team mate Nic Long had the holeshot and lead the whole 2nd straight to the step up in the 3rd straight before Connor took over.

And you would think NBC would at least post the fact that Team USA brought home another gold on the NBCOlympics home page but all they have at the bottom of the home page is a link to all the crashes from the BMX races….like no other sports had crashes right?!?!….geeezz…smh

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