Maris Strombergs, free ride

Video: Maris Strombergs Free Riding In L.A.

2 time Olympic BMX gold medalist Maris Strombergs was featured in a cool edit of him riding his BMX Bike through L.A. It wasn’t the average ride though as he hit up some nice pump tracks, dirt jumps and rhythm sections. You could tell all the sections were built up just for this video but we wonder if they were able to keep them up? It was cool to see Maris just cruising on his bike having fun. We want to see more of that 4sho!

The video was featured on the Olympic Channel on Facebook.

About Maris Strombergs:

Māris Štrombergs is a Latvian professional BMX racer. In the 2008 Summer Olympics he became the first Olympic champion in BMX cycling. Earlier that year he won the 2008 UCI BMX World Championships. In 2012 he prolonged his Olympic title by winning the gold medal in the London Olympics. ~Wiki

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