Havoc Bikes – Hellfire – BMX Racing Frame

Havoc Bikes is a new BMX brand on the scene and they’ve been getting a buzz with their sneak peek photos. Their latest photos floating around on Facebook are of their new Hellfire racing frame. The frame looks solid with beefy tubing, extra long gussets and rectangular tubing on the dropouts and seat stays. There’s also some cool Havoc branding on the gussets and dropouts.

The Hellfire will be coming in a bunch of sizes expert, expert XL, pro minus, pro, Pro XL, pro XXL, XXL Cruisers and 26 inch cruisers sizes! The bikes are expected to make their debut at the USABMX Grand this coming Thanksgiving weekend!

We will be debuting our products in November at the USA BMX Grands in Tulsa. Also, we are looking for regional and state team managers to help establish and maintain Devo and grassroots teams across the country.

~Havoc Bikes

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