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Nigel Sylvester Doing Big Things Again In This Dream Hotel Edit

BMX freestyle Pro and cross platform BMX branding genius Nigel Sylvester was enlisted by Dream Hotel to get busy at the construction site of the new Dream Hotel in Hollywood for a new promo campaign!

In the edit Nigel talks about his love of Los Angeles with different clips of him riding and doing tricks in the L.A. streets. Then he goes to the construction site of the new Dream Hotel at 6417 Selma Ave in Hollywood and shreds the spot up on his bike!
This is definitely a first on all levels, a BMXer featured in a spot for a hotel that’s still under construction! That’s Big!! Salute to Nigel for expanding the possibilities of where a BMX Bike can take you! And Salute to Dream Hotel for stepping outside the box with their My City Of Dream promo spots! You can check out more of them at the link

Visit for more info.

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Check out this behind the scenes video about the My City Of Dreams campaign

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