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Pocket Full of Miracles – Blu & 45 Kings – #HipHop Dopeness

Redefinition Records links HipHop legends the 45 Kings and supa emcee Blu for a really dope single called “Pocket Full Of Miracles”. 45 Kings who produced the classic Jay-Z Track “Hard Knock Life” crafted another gem using a sample from the classic 1961 Frank Sinatra Christmas song “Pocketful Of Miracles”. They took the sample of the kids chours part and looped it to a tight neck cracking beat. If you know anything about Blu, he brings fire bars everytime he touches the mic and he does just that on this joint. THIS IS HIPHOP!!

I’m not sure where I was 8 months ago when this song dropped but I’m glad I found it….better late than never 🙂

“In Eric B and Rakim’s 1987 debut, Paid in Full, Rakim declared on the single of the same title, “So I dig into my pocket, all my money spent So I dig deeper, but still coming up with lint”, he painted a picture that millions worldwide could relate to no matter the background or era. In 92, a few years later when rap music started reaping the fruits of its labor, Showbiz & AG boasted of financial prosperity and the value of hard work on their single, Fat Pockets. What is a pocket exactly? Is it exclusively in your coat, jeans or shirt? Is it a drummer laying a tight groove or maybe where the quarterback resides on the field?

No matter the scenario, pockets are containers. Our record collections contain the soundtracks to our lives often providing music for every occasion and memory. The collaboration of East coast pioneer 45 King and west coast favorite Blu is an occasion so special, it should be held in company of your most prized vinyl. Only the forces of nature could bring this producer and mc together Redef captured the rarity on a limited edition 45 beautifully designed by Joe Buck.”

~Redefinition Records

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