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Chauskoskis’s “Quasidunny” Mash-up of Kidrobot’s Dunny & Madlib’s Lord Quas

We love a great HipHop¬†– toy Mash up and this one by Chauskoskis has got to be one of our favorites! The talented designer toy creator mashed up a Kidrobot Dunny with supa HipHop producer, Madlib’s animated alter ego character Quasimoto to create “Quasidunny”!! How cool is that!!!
The 3-inch Dunny is a pretty spot on interpretation of Lord Quas, even down to the cigarette hanging from his mouth and the brick in his hand. The Quasidunny is available in 2 colorways; blue, yellow and there’s also a mystery colorway version!
The figure is on sale now for $50 a piece and you already know they’re gonna go like hot cakes!
Visit Chauskoskis’s online shop for more details on how to get your hands on one.

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