Pro Standard Agenda NYC

VIDEO: Pro Standard Premium Hats At Agenda NYC 2017

Crazy Al Cayne kicked it with guys behind custom hat brand Pro Standard at Agenda Show NYC. Mike Harris, Pro Standard CEO talks about how he came up with the idea of the company and Kendu shows Crazy Al some of the dope basketball and major league baseball hats they had on display. You know Crazy Al had to put them on the spot and ask if they were going to make action sports branded hats 😉 You have to see these hats in person, they’re high quality, premium, head wear fashion!

About Pro Standard:
“PRO STANDARD specializes in innovating and creating a new fashion approach for premium headwear, including officially licensed professional sports team caps. We disrupt the industry by setting a higher standard for consumers that play, study and admire “The Game.” We represent luxury with edge; and, everything we do requires 100% knowledge, dedication and focus on the ever changing fashion industry.

The brand has relationships with key tastemakers and trendsetters who spread the word about our product and philosophy. All PRO STANDARD caps are made with real premium leather, #freshneverfake.” ~Pro Standard

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