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Mizizi Clothing, African and Caribbean Inspired Lifestyle Brand

Mizizi CEO Paco gave Crazy Al Cayne a tour of his brand’s booth at The Agenda Show NYC. He introduced Crazy Al to his team and also found and talked about why he started Miziz. They got so caught up with the introductions and the brand’s mission that they forgot to showcase some of the actual cloths lol! But luckily most of the Miziz crew was rocking the gear so you get to see it in the video

About Mizizi:
MIZIZI International, LLC. is more than an African Streetwear brand. MIZIZI is an organization that is built on an ethical and moral foundation. Meaning “Roots” in Swahili, our clothing line is as unique as our name. We’re a lifestyle brand that represents various aspects of the African and Caribbean Diaspora. And are dedicated to designing products that encompass each country’s culture and heritage, in addition to uplifting the pride and self-esteem of the African Diaspora.
For more information on Mizizi CLICK HERE

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