Lajabu 7 Is Bringing Royalty on Soles With – The 5″

Crazy Al Cayne interviews Lars And Leon, owners of high end footwear brand Lajabu 7 at the Capsule Show. They were promoting their flagship sneaker, The 5″ at their booth and told Crazy Al about the inspiration behind them.

The 5″ is handcrafted in Italy with finest nappa leather, it features gold spikes across the toe and LAJABU SEVEN’s Gold plated 3.9″ signature cobra statue on the heel. The 5″ also features Soft calf skin liner in biscotto, Signed signature insole, Stamp embossed gold logo, Signature gold piping, Calf leather laces with gold lace tips and rubber outsole with engraved Cobra logo.

The 5″ comes in 4 colorways White Cloud, Blue Sky, Red Lava and Black Lava

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