Public Enemy nothings quick in the desert

Public Enemy – Nothing Is Quick In The Desert – Album Stream (Dirty)

On June 29th HipHop ICONS/Living Legends Public Enemy dropped an album to commemorate their 30 year anniversary called “Nothing IS Quick In The Desert”. Chuck D goes in with his unique delivery dropping bombs all through the album tackling the issues in society and HipHop these days. Stand out tracks for us are “Beat Them All”, “Smash The Crowd”, “Soc Med”, “Toxic” and “Rest in Beats”

“The math, as we say, adds up to the 30th anniversary of Public Enemy in 2017. It’s been a “Long and Whining Road,” as the title and video of a song done ten years ago indicates. PE is still touring and recording as a rap hip-hop group, fighting for the genre’s survival against the ravages of time itself and being defined by the outside.”

Oh and did you know that in celebration of P.E.’s 30th anniversary this album is free!! WORD!!!
“After 30 years, 106 tours across 105 countries and countless records, THANK YOU! This one is on Public Enemy. Get it while it’s free.” ~Chuck D

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