2017 Urban Action Showcase & Expo (800+Photos)

This year’s Urban Action Showcase was amazing! The UASE is the premier all-action entertainment platform celebrating diversity and honoring the past, present and future multicultural achievements within the blockbuster Action genre including Adventure, Fantasy, Grindhouse, Action Horror, Sci-Fi, and Supernatural content.

Below is our photo gallery from the V.I.P. party and Expo. Be sure to tag us on IG: @SugarCayne If you share the photos.

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About The Urban Action Showcase & Expo:
“The UASE endeavors to Recognize, Promote, Facilitate and Encourage the participation of filmmakers, actors and industry professionals in the genre of Heroes. The UASE recognizes multicultural professionals by honoring excellence in various aspects of film making, acting and content creation. The UASE promotes professionals content creators through various media outlets, facilitate distribution opportunities and encourage new interests through the building of strong networking communities, panels, workshops and key sponsorship participation. The UASE inevitably inspires multicultural interest in the art of action film making, acting, production and content creation through the protocols of Information, Education, Facilitation and Exposure. The UASE fulfills its mandates through its Action Film Festival, Expo and Awards platforms.”

“Diversity in Action Initiative: The purpose of the UAS Diversity in Action Initiative is to ultimately see an increase in ethnic heroic principal characters in all forms of media, to increase the development of content and expand distribution platforms reflecting minority images and interests as it pertains to the multifaceted Action genre. To restor equal value to villianized images based on Color, Creed and Credientials by advocating and promoting heroic content refelcting Multicultural Images and Interests in media. Our Diversity in Action initiative is supported by premium brands such as HBO/Cinemax┬«, Warner Bros┬«, Netflix, Millennium Entertainment and IFC.”