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Photo by: BMXTALK100

ICE – F-118 BMX Race Frame Is Super Fresh!

The ICE F-118 BMX Race frame is one of the most interesting and talked about frames on the market. One of the many things that make this frame special is it gives you the option to run disc brakes or V-brakes with their fully removable v-brake mounts. The F-118 is one of the only frames that we know of to use 6065 Alloy tubing. It also stands out in the looks department with it’s gray/black/ yellow colorway and hydrofomed bends….but how does it perform?

According to the BMXTalk100 review of the ICE F-118, the bike rode like a dream!
“…a few laps in and our trusted BMX Talk ‘Test Pilot’ was 100% converted. Controlled in the air, stiff out of the gate, responsive through the rhythm section and cornering like he had been on the bike for months, he was heard saying “it rode like a dream” and we had to force him to give it back.” ~BMXTalk100 (Click HERE for the full Review)

Peep the stats:
-6065 Alloy frame
-Hydroformed double-butted top and down tubes
-Head tube designed for semi-integrated headset standard:
(Zero Stack) ZS44/28.6 – ZS56/40. (Accomodates 1’1/8 forks too)
-External BB (BSA 24 mm)
-Fully removable V-brake mounts
-CNC machined dropouts accomodate 10 mm REAR AXLES ; 40 mm range of real setting for rear wheel distance (370 mm to 410 mm excepted for Pro size wich is from 355 to 395 mm)
-Seat tube (with total taking on the 68 mm bottom bracket shell) accepts Ø 27.2 mm seatpost
-Pro is 1.78Kg (3.9 pounds)

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