Kareem Idris Book2 cover

Kareem Idris – The Year In Color- Book 2: Presented To The Roomis

Another fire HipHop project by Philly’s own Kareem Idris. This one is called “The Year In Color-Book 2: Presented To the Roomis”. If you liked Book 1 you’ll love book 2. Kareem goes in with the bars and delivery and the beats produced by DJ DN3 are fire! Definitley one for real heads and anyone who is looking for good music and lyricism!

About “The Year In Color – Book 2”
“We give thanks to The Creator, The ancestors , The Orisha, and our loved one’s, relatives, and friends who assisted in making this album possible. This contribution serves as Book 2/3, which is an artistic expression of my experience and insperience of being initiated into the Lukumi Tradition as a crowned priest. The presentation to the Room is a ceremony that presents the newly crowned priest to the community. It is a time of acknowledgment and also the indication that the true work now begins. We appreciate you taking this journey with us as we utilize the art form of hip hop to create a backdrop and platform for progression, enlightenment and healing. “I Am Because We Are “

The Year incolor kareem idris cover

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