All Power To the people

All Power To The People, Instrumental album by Marc Mac

Legendary UK producer Marc Mac of 4Hero has a dope instrumental album dropping on Bandcamp January 4th 2019 called “All Power To The People”. As of this article, only 4 beats are available from the album but they are some treats! The album features sound bites from the original Black Panther movement, definitely food for thought. We can’t wait till this one drops!

About “All Power To The People:
“A Documentary on Wax.
Looking back (and forward), reflecting on the movement known as “The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. Often the term “Self-Defense” is left out of discussion and far too often knowledge of the social programs developed by the Panthers gets push aside to continue a narrative of a violent group of anti-society revolutionaries. Revolutionary yes, anti-society no. All Power To The People.”

This album is a part of Marc Mac’s “Beats n knowledge” series of mixtape style albums on Omniverse Records. THIS IS HIPHOP!!!

Marc Marc All Power To the people album

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