68 Year Old Khiv Raj Gurjar Does Clifftop BMX Yoga

Khiv Raj Gurjar is a rad grand dad that teaches his own brand of Yoga using a BMX bike! He not only teaches this art form but he also practices it on the edge of 300 foot tall cliff!!

BMXers, especially old school BMXers will just say this is nothing more than Flatland BMX freestyle but Khiv’s teacher Mangal Ustad has been doing this since the 60’s.

Mangal Ustad Bicycle Yoga
Mangal Ustad 1968

Khiv’s BMX Yoga moves consist of stationary positions similar to the Flatland BMX tricks of the 80’s. He’s basically doing the same thing(BMX Flatland) just with a different name (BMX Yoga).
BMX freestyle Flatland 80s
It’s awesome to find out new things about the origins of bicycles tricks and how it all relates to and is connected to BMX Freestyle.

“A 68-YEAR-OLD performs yoga poses on a BMX bike – while suspended over a deadly 300 foot drop. Khiv Raj Gurjar, from Jodhpur in the Indian state of Rajasthan, is the world’s finest exponent of “extreme yoga”. The pension-age daredevil spends an hour each day running through up to 45 individual yoga poses on his bike – while perched on the edge of a vertiginous 300 foot cliff. He said: “When I balance and perform complex yoga postures on a cliff, I don’t feel fear or think that I will fall from this mountain. “I can do anything on this mountain. I don’t panic anymore.” ~Barcroft TV

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