A Few 2019 Toy Fair NY Vendor Interviews

With Toy Fair NY 2020 fast approaching, I thought I would post up some of the goodies I saw at last years event. This clip features just a small amount of the vendors at Toy Fair 2020. It’s literally impossible to get to interview them all so I choose the ones that peak my interest.

Below is the list of vendors I interviewed:

1. :05

my arcade, toy fair ny

2. KAOS Soccer 1:56

Kaos Soccer, toy fair ny

3. HighRoller USA 3:59

highroller usa, toy fair ny

4. KiddiMoto 5:40

kiddimotto, toy fair ny

5. William Mark Corp (Feisty Pets) 6:34

Feisty beast

6. Hyper Toys/Hyper Bicycles 8:46

Hyper toys

7. Orijin Bees 12:08

Orijin bees

8 Goliath Games 14.37

Boomtrix, toy fair ny

9. Beyond Comics 15.24

Beyond Comics, Toy Fair Ny

10. Infento Rides 17:00

Infento Rides, Toy Fair NY

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