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Bike Of The Day: Trevor’s 1985 Hutch Hollywood

Today’s bike of the day is another BMX treat from Trevor Hoeckele. This one is a survivor 1985 Hutch Hollywood. Trevor got the classic frame cleaned up but kept the original paint, scuffs and all. We usually post bikes in immaculate condition but I thought that was a cool way to restore this build. The clean polished new parts with the paint damaged look is a nice contrast.


“Here’s my build. 1985 Hutch Hollywood. Bought it as a survivor from a neighborhood childhood friend. This is the bike I wanted as a kid. When I got it, it was complete but with some roached out OG parts. I want to ride it so I upgraded the drivetrain with modern parts keeping it retro themed. Hope you like it.~Trevor Hoeckele

1985 Hutch Hollywood survivor
Before the Restore.

Parts List:

Frame: 1985 original paint Hutch Hollywood frame and fork. Citric acid soaked and scrubbed to remove all th e surface rust.

Cranks: Profile Retro Box cranks 175mm.

Retro Profile box Cranks

Pedals: MKS Grafite pedals.

Hubs: TNT first gen hubs laced to Sun Ryno Lite chrome hoops.

Chain Wheel: Rennen with Infinity bolts.

Chain: Izumi nickel. 

Seat Clamp: Hutch donut

Stem: OG Hutch deep H

Handlebars: OG Hutch Pro Bars

Seat Post: Rare Baby Blue Hutch OG

Brakes: 1985 chrome DiaCompe MX 901 with Tech 4 lever.

Brake Shoes: White Vans brake shoes.

Grips: White Hutch grips.


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