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BOTD: Bill Ryan’s Perry Kramer Inspired Supercross Envy RS7

We love it when old school style meets new school tech and this custom anodized, Gold Supercross ENVY RS7 Pro XXXL is just that!! This awesome bike came in from Mr Supercross himself, Bill Ryan! Check out his awesome story about the inspiration for this build.

supercross envy skyway mags


“Ok guys, today’s TBT isn’t so much a Throwback Thursday as much as a Tribute Thursday, for those of you who don’t know, Supercross BMX owner got his start in the BMX industry working at SE Bikes about 40 years ago as a punk kid stickering frames and sweeping the warehouse.

He also became great friends with Perry Kramer and even though Perry is only 8 or 9 years older than Bill, back then it was a huge difference. Well while they were riding together, back then , Perry had a few Iconic Pk Ripper’s that left an image in Bill’s mind.

perry kramer, bill ryan
Perry Kramer & Bill Ryan

The typical Baby Blue and the ultra rare gold anodized one he rode after he won the world champs . Well after Bill saw Perry at Vegas for the USA BMX season opener in January, he got an idea and built this. A 2020 Supercross BMX ENVY RS-7 in gold anodized .

That is a mix of the best of now and then. Speedline parts Elite Carbon forks , Skyway BMX graphite Tuff 2’s, Redline Bicycles Flight Cranks, Kamren Larsen signature Supercross BMX Diamond tuck saddle, you know, all the good stuff. Just as Perry would of ridden going for his next World Title. (Full parts list below)

supercross envy 7 rs gold

So what do you guys think? We even have a set of skin wall Kevlar bead fold-able Blue Streak tires on it. We know it’s not Perry’s loved Aggressor, but I am pretty sure this would of gotten the job done for him. So Perry, in tribute and honor of our 40 years of friendship, I build this in your honor, and can’t wait till we get to go hit the trails, or go do a ride together again.

And all you new school guys, who are just coming into the sport and are wondering who Perry is, do yourself a favor, take a minute or two and Google @oldschoolpk and learn a little about our sports history and one of our sports all time greats!” ~Bill Ryan

skyway, supercross envy

Parts List:

Frame: Custom Anodized Gold ENVY RS7 Pro XXXL (Full 7005 T4/T6 double heat treat taperwall ULR aluminum race frame )

Fork: Speedline Carbon Fiber Pro Fork 3/8″ ( Matte Carbon )

skyway graphites, speedline

Headset: Speedline Tapered Sealed Bearing Integrated

Spacers: Speedline Carbon ( Matte Carbon )

Stem: Supercross 1989′ Retro Series – 57mm Pro Stem

Supercross 1989' Retro Series - 57mm Pro Stem

Bars: Supercross Huge Flatline Bend

Grips: A’me Lock On’s

Brake Lever: Speedline

Cable: Speedline

Brakes: Speedline

Seatpost Clamp: Speedline Quick Release

Seatpost: Supercross Pivotal ( 350×27.2 )

Saddle: Supercross Kam Larsen Signature – Black Diamond Tuck

Supercross Kam Larsen Signature

Tires: Supercross Blue Streak – Kevlar Bead Skinwalls 20×1.75 Rear, 20×2.125 Front

Rims: Skyway Graphite – Retro Edition with the Gold Campy Style Flanges

Skyway Graphite - Retro Edition

Cranks: Redline Flight Cranks 175mm

Chainwheel : Supercross Tiger Tooth – Ryan Sheehan Rememberance Edition 44t

tiger teeth sprocket

Chain: Speedline 1/2x 3/32nd

Redline Flight Cranks 175mm

Chain Tensioner: Speedline 10mm

Chain Tensioner Speedline 10mm

Freewheel: Shimano 16t x 3/32nd

“All it needs now is a RETRO Haro Plate and it is ready to race!!”

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