DK, Airborne & Verde 2020 BMX Bike Lines At CABDA East

At CABDA East, I got System Cycles VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve Buddendeck to give me a look at all the bikes the company has coming out for 2020. System Cycles is the parent company to Airborne, DK and Verde Bikes which Steve founded. We looked at a wide range of bikes under the three brands. System Cycles has something for ever skill level and age.

This interview was filmed back in March before DK decided to discontinue the General Lee citing recent events in BMX and in the world that have made it clear there isn’t room for racism in any form, directly or indirectly. It took them 20 years but better late than never.


A wake-up call is sounding in America. We’ve heard it loud and clear. BMX is a small space. There’s no room for racism. There is no perfect right thing to say. But there’s clearly a right thing to do. Effective today DK is discontinuing all General Lee model bikes. We won’t stop listening and learning. Thanks for sounding the alarm.

~DK Bikes

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