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K.J. Romero Does A Carbon VS. Chromoly BMX Battle

Supercross BMX digital content guru, K.J. Romero recently finished build up his chromoly SX250 and decided to pit it against his Envy BLK 2 carbon. Find out which bike he likes more for racing.

Press Release:

In this video, I share my personal opinion on carbon vs. chromoly. I really like the feeling of chromoly, it’s such a smooth ride and I love the look of a chromo bike. BUT, carbon has a different feel and look. I believe they both have their time and place. If I’m just out having fun, flowing on the track, or maybe even the trails, chromo is PERFECT! But if I’m trying to get the most performance out of my bike while racing, carbon is perfect in that situation. All in all, I will continue to ride both bikes, because BMX is fun!

K.J. Romero

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