Cambatta – LSD – Is A Masterclass On Lyricism

Ever since supa emcee Cambatta appeared on Spittin In Da Wip I’ve been a fan. This dude’s mind is on a whole different wavelength than us mere mortals. His song LSD(Lunar Solar Duality) is a perfect example of that. The way he created all those acronym’s for LSD and wove them into comprehensive verses had me pressing the repeat button!! THIS IS HIPHOP!!!


What is LSD, but a Little Strip of Destiny
When the Lonely Silence is Deafening
And my Living Situation is Depressing me
I’m repaying the Lord’s Spiritual Debt to me
First time I took a Lethal Size Dose
But never will I Load Syringes with Dope
I remember being Lost Scared Delusional
Seen the same Lords the Soothsayer Druids do
Took a Ladder to the Seventh Dimension
The body is Literally Spirit Detention
Leviticus Scripture Describes
Moses Liberating Social Divides
Leading Sinners with the Diethylamide
Add a Little Salvia Divinorum, Leaves Stiff and Dry
From the forest the Last Soldier to Die
Smoked bubba kush my Lieutenant Still Dan

What is LSD?
What is LSD?
What is LSD?
Lunar Solar Duality

Lucifer Satan Devil
Logan Spawn Deadpool
The Lunatics Sadistic and Dreadful
Osiris Limbs Scattered and Disassembled
Time machine with the Lamborghini Style Doors
Extremely Limited Silverish Delorean
Why my head Look Slightly Deformative
‘Cause my frontal Lobe Synaptics are Dwarfing them
And every time I Let Semen Drop
I create a Legacy of Super Demigods
I’m Luke Skywalker’s Daddy, my red Light Saber’s Darth
My Laboratory Secluded and Dark
Lyrics Sick as Dysentery
I’m a Living Speaking Dictionary
Mental Lexicon Sumerian Dialect
I see the image Like Spike Directs

What is LSD?
What is LSD?
What is LSD?
Lunar Solar Duality

Produced by @O_P_Supa
Directed by @BLKPRIVI

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