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Random Jetline Action And Progress At Cunningham Trails

Labor Day week(9/5-9/13) at the Jetline in Cunningham Park was fun! A lot of people came by to try it out. I’ve been seeing the local riders skills improving and we’ve been making improvements to the line all week. Riders of all skill levels and bike types are trying out the line and getting better everyday. This video is some of the footage I took between digging and riding 🙂. The crazy part is since then we’ve made even more upgrades and changes to the spot.

Super huge shout and thank you Michael Vitti of C.L.I.M.B.(Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclist) for allowing us to bring this section back to life!! And to everyone that helped out this week thank you so much!! Adam, Britto, Darwin, Myra, Luis Rivera, Zam You, Justin Crash Doyle, Anthony and John Bagnato


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  1. Man I wish we had more stuff like this suited to bmx and dj in West Michigan. You would think with all the parls and rec land we have we wpuld have more of these on public land. Lots of trails though, both paved and single track dirt.

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