Wheel Talk Brings More FGFS Heat! New Waves, Old Habits

Matt Reyes the man behind Wheel Talk, dropped some dope fixed gear freestyle visuals in New Waves, Old Habits!

Press Release:

Picking up where we left off. Last month I moved back to San Francisco. After nearly a decade of living here, and 4 years spent living in other cities I can honestly and confidently say that SF is the best and only real city on the West Coast. Good vibes and great friends are a hard thing to find everywhere you go, but the Bay Area has it in abundance.

On Saturday (September 5th 2020) we all got together at “The Island” and made our way up Market street to session both Wallenberg & The Museums in GGP. The gang finally convinced me to get back on my FGFS bike, and I must say… I’m sure glad they did. I almost forgot what it felt like to ride this bike and how much it raises my spirits. It’s like the old saying, “you never forget how to ride a bike”.

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