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The Paladyne® E1000MP Drone Jammer Gun.

I love drones and the awesome BMX action visuals you can get from them. But with every good technological enhancement comes a dark side! For example, invasion of privacy and of course weaponizing…uggg!! Well the folks at Drone Defense created this Drone Jammer gun called the Paladyne E1000MP.

The Paladyne series of electronic countermeasures (drone jammers) are specifically designed to be a man-portable & future-proof system to disrupt the command, video and navigation signals on the majority of commercial drones.

It is small, lightweight and compact. The pistol is also designed so it can be mounted on a rifle if necessary, with the control box fitting into a small backpack or pouch. It comes in a range of customizable colors – with a night mode option for added stealth.

~Drone Defence

Yes folks this is what it’s come to. Every Sci-Fi film is slowly becoming a reality. This is scary and cool at the same time. 🙂

Find out more on DroneDefence.co.uk

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