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Craig Reynolds Interviews Crazy Al On The Real Influencers Project

BMX Legend and two-time Emmy Nominated host Craig Reynolds had me as a guest on his show The Real Influencers Project! I was totally surprised and honored when he asked me to be on his show. In the interview we talk about what inspired me to create a site and content that mixes BMX, HipHop, fashion, toys and other dope treats together. It’s always a little weird when I’m the one being interviewed since I’m always the one doing the interviewing lol. But being interviewed by Craig was like kicking it with an old BMX buddy so it was cool. Now I’m a little bit of a scatter brain when I talk about myself so some of my answers to Craig’s questions were a little all over the place lol. Hope you guys like it!

About The Real Influencers Project:

When someone says influencer, today many think of social media and the individuals that promote products, lifestyles, and health and fitness. However there are other influencers, the ones that helped your growth, ones that have helped you become the person that you are today. Your friends, neighbors, even your family have a major impact on your life. The Real Influencers Project aims to shed light on those people, the influencers, and to give thanks to their unsung efforts.

~Craig Reynolds

Super huge shout out and thanks to Craig for reaching out to me to be a guest on his show. It was truly an honor and a great experience.

Be sure to follow The Real Influencers Project on it’s Official Youtube Channel.

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