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Sophia Foresta Joins Mongoose x USA BMX Foundation

Mongoose announced the signing of Sophia Foresta to our pro BMX Racing team! Not only will Sophia be racing for the Goose, she’s also accepted the role of Marketing Coordinator at the USA BMX Foundation! She will champion the USA BMX S.T.E.M. educational programming at schools across the United States. This is awesome news!

I am so excited to join the Mongoose/USA BMX Foundation team,” said Sophia. “The ability to combine my two passions of BMX racing and education is a dream come true, and I am so thankful for the opportunity. See you at the track!

~Sofia Foresta
Sophia Foresta mongoose bmx pro

In 2019, Mongoose became a partner with the USA BMX Foundation to help extend their programming in elementary schools. The programs USA BMX Foundation developed were directly in-line with the Mongoose core values and vision – to get more kids access to bikes, growing the sport of cycling. Looking towards 2021, Mongoose and USA BMX Foundation plan to continue their momentum and Sophia is the perfect addition to the team. Sophia comes to Mongoose from GT, another brand under the Dorel Sports umbrella, where she competed for over a decade.

Having known Sophia Foresta personally and professionally for the past 14 years has been a joy,” said Steve Spencer, GT Sports Marketing Manager. “To be able to watch her achieve lofty goals in her racing career along with seeing her grow into an amazing young athlete has been a highlight for me. We will be sad to see Sophia move on from the GT BMX team but are excited for her future and the opportunities
in front of her. Thanks for sharing your amazing ride with us Sophia and we wish you all the best!

~Steve Spencer/ GT Sports Marketing Manager.

Sophia’s new role with the USA BMX Foundation will begin in the new year. Her first race riding for Mongoose will be at Grand Nationals where she will get the opportunity to connect with the rest of her new teammates.

“Sophia is a talented, competitive rider who is also one of the kindest people you will meet at the track. Her passion for the sport and education gleams through her
smile and personality which will be reflected at tracks and schools across America. I couldn’t be more psyched to have her on board.”

~Justin Posey, Mongoose AA Race Pro

In 2019, Mongoose be came a partner with the USA BMX Foundation to help extend their programming in elementary schools The programs USA BMX Foundation developed were directly in line with the Mongoose core values and vision to get more kids access to bikes growing the sport of cycling.

Find out more about Sophia and her Mongoose/USA BMX Foundation deal on

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  1. its very nice to see young ladies getting recognition and the opportunity in life and in the workplace. For them to continue to strive to reach their dreams is good…its also hard to continue that pursuit.
    Hats off to Sophia and may her new adventure be exciting !

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