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Durothethird Brings Back The BMX Frame Extender

Designer, graffiti artist and BMX customizer, Durothethird started designing frame extenders! The frame extender is a classic accessory used on BMX bikes back in 80’s add more platform room on the seat stay. The classic GT Frame extender is really popular with vintage BMX collectors but it’s a really rare and expensive piece to find. Duro is filling that void with his extenders!


  • Material: Steel
  • Welds: TIG
  • Colours: White, Black, Yellow, Raw
  • Origin: Made in Canada
  • Designer: Durothethird
  • Description: Fits most Old School BMX frames. Definitely fits 80s and 90s GT Pro Freestyler BMX bikes. Adjustable¬†arms and two options for customizable lower clamp positioning.¬†

Find out more on Durothethird.com

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