Road 2 Recovery JAM BMX Action & Behind The Scenes

I went up to Trumbull BMX Track in Connecticut for Joe Doherty’s annual Road 2 Recovery JAM! It’s a super fun charity event to help raise money to assist professional Action Sports Athletes who sustain career-ending injuries. The whole event was like one big North East BMX OG reunion! Riders of all ages were shredding on all the awesome features that Trumbull BMX had to offer.

The track was running smooth and fast and there were lots of great features. I was trying to get that 2nd straight dialed, that triple is massive! They also rebuilt the 3rd straight and it’s the best it’s ever been. I wore myself out doing lap after lap lol!

The jump line in the back was sick! It’s a down-ish line so it took me a few tries to get use to it. I got through it clean a few times but never really got it dialed. So many riders were shredding on it all day and thing got amped up during the dirt jump comp.

There were other fun competitions like the long jump, manual, wheelie, pit bike, side hack and berm jump contests. This video captures just a little bit of the fun we had that day! It was great to see all the OG out there!

Big shout out to Joe Doherty for all he does for BMX!!

Video Playlist:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 5:00 First Ride On The Track
  • 5:37 Intermediate Jumpline
  • 8:12 Expert Jumpline
  • 9:55 Bike Life Wheelie Contest
  • 12:07 Manual Contest
  • 14:16 BMX Moms Ride The Track
  • 16:18 Long Jump Contest
  • 21:04 Group Photo
  • 23:01 Sidehack Race
  • 25:38 More Jumpline POV(And Crash)
  • 28:04 Dirt Jump Contest
  • 31:11 Union Square Shoes
  • 32:47 Pit Bike Race
  • 37:30 Fingerscrossed BMX/MTB, Garrett Byrnes

Photo Gallery:

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