ALRIGHT – Supaman featuring Neenah, Produced by Nottz. HipHop Dopeness

Supaman aka Billy ills dropped some dope visuals for his latest single “Alright”. Inspired by the Back To The Future movies, Supaman takes the classic DeLorean DMC and travels through time to connect with his ancestors through HipHop.

I love the beat Nottz crafted for this joint! Neenah vocals in the hook and throughout the song adds the spice to an already good feeling tune. Supaman bars are on point, the whole song is vibes!

It was a blast collaborating with Implement Productions and the Montana Film Office on this one of a kind vision! Off the Medicine Bundle Album. Big love to everybody who was involved with this project. Angela Howe – Choke Cherry Creek, Christiane Parrish, Sam Parrish, Scott Flatlip, Joe and Ken Woody, Nick Lambert, Dessi Badbear, Hilario Stewart, Mya Walksoverice, Jonella Hill, Dean Bearclaw and everybody who came out to the sets and volunteered their time. A’ho!



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