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NYCE Wheels, Brompton Folding Bike Demo (@nycewheels)

brompton-folding bike

Pete from NYCE Wheels bike shop had a cool booth setup at Bike Expo New York showcasing a bunch of the folding bikes and EBikes that the shop carries. He gave Crazy Al Cayne a demo of how easy the Brompton Folding bike transforms from a bike to a push cart and then to fully folded and ready to store away.

About NYCE Wheels:

NYCeWheels specializes in alternative transportation. That means folding bikes, electric bikes, and kick scooters. You may enjoy gliding from point A to B in new ways, using means that are environmentally friendly, healthy, efficient, and affordable. Electric and folding bikes, motorized and kick scooters can expand your mobility and save time and money. Where storage space, portability, steep inclines and distance were once discouraging factors, our innovative and proven products open up new possibilities for getting around.

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