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Ascot Motorsports At Agenda NYC 2017

ascot motorsports zip up hoodie blue

Crazy Al Cayne got Niki and Melissa of Ascot Motorsports to do a fun quick overview of the Ascot/Bates booth at the Agenda Show NYC. Ascot makes apparel to pay homage to the classic Ascot flat track and flat track motorcycle culture from the 50’s and 60’s. We get a quick look at some nice leather jackets, t-shirt and hat.

About Ascot Motorsports:
Our products tell the story of a small Southern California dirt track that became known worldwide through hard work, excitement and innovation. Our vow is to engage a new generation to the thrill of the race and the mentality that “anyone can do it”; its our history and our legacy. Now is the time to share it.

Located between the posh Hollywood Hills and the roaring Pacific Ocean, thousands of local thrill seekers would gather on a regular basis to witness American Motorsport history. Between 1957 and 1990, Ascot Raceway became a celebrated hot-spot in Gardena, California where spectators could get a close up look into the dangerous, competitive and entertaining sport of dirt track racing. Made famous for its well known radio ads “Where the Harbor, the San Diego and the 91 freeways collide!”, it became a place where fond memories were made by fans and legendary racers alike. The track’s reputation spanned the globe due to the skill required to race there.

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