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Flynn Skitch And The Batsby Balderdash GT250 (7 Photos)

Flynn Skitch and the Batsby Balderdash bike side

Insanely talented designer toy maker Huck Gee really out did himself this time with his latest masterpiece “Flynn Skitch And The Batsby Balderdash GT250”. We can’t stop looking at this one, first of all Huck crafted a sick motorcycle for Flynn to ride, that thing looks mean!! And there are so many details to look at. This thing is awesome!!

Huck Gee said he spent over a year “designing this beast”.He spent 2 months solely on printing, sculpting, refining the fit, and finalizing the paint and sew details. It also took him 3 days just to finish all the assembly….CRAZY!!

About Flynn Skitch And The Batsby Balderdash GT250:
Driven by Flynn Skitch, sponsored by Kingshead Whiskey and BPB Manufacturing, #27 is a garage modified Batsby Balderdash GT250 nicknamed “The Flying Geordie”. This fat boxed beast is an absolute head turner and to hear this monster roar past at full throttle is a thing of sublime audible beauty.

Flynn himself is notable not only because he’s an outstanding pilot (medaling in 3 Acorn Runs including Port to Port, Factory Haul 250, & Spring Byways GT), but because he’s also openly reps his association with the Dapper Scoundrels, one of Blackwater’s more notable gangster families…

The hood is removable, the engine and air suspension is exposed, the wheels turn, the suicide shifter shifts (mostly), his clothes are dapper, his hat may be doffed, and there’s gobs of other details (like the fox skull painted on the radiator, hidden behind the grill). This set will be packed in foam and shipped in a branded wooden crate. This will be a set of 10, measures 14.5″ long by 7″ tall, and each set will be signed and numbered: $1850 + S&H.

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