Curious Provisions Thumper 3

Curious Provisions (@curiousprov) Makes Dope Boom Box Suitcases @A3C

I saw these really dope Boom Box suitcases when I was at Criminal Records in Little 5 Points in Atlanta during A3C. The next day I went to the A3C Style Village and saw a bunch of these dope Boom Boxes at a vending booth. The company making these speakers is called Curious Provisions and I got a chance to interview Simon who is one of the builders of these amazing products. The boom boxes are actually called Thumpers and They..

are one-of-a-kind rechargeable vintage suitcase boomboxes handcrafted w/ hi-fi speakers. They work with any mobile device via bluetooth or 1/8″ cable.

Curious Provisions Thumper 1

Curious Provisions Thumper crazy al cayne

Curious Provisions Thumper 4

Curious Provisions Thumper 3

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