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Jan 2017, Bike Of The Month Results



Bike Of The Month Jan Results

The first Bike Of The Month results are in and the winning bike of the “Popular Vote” is……drum roll…… Sam Styles’s Grump Double Barrell Pro 24″ ! The awesome, double top tube bike received 101 votes which was 39% of the votes cast.  260 votes were made in total. There was a tie for 2nd place between the Truth Carbon and the GHP G-1 Hydro dip. They both got 55 votes a piece. Rounding out the podium was the DK Pro XXL Joker (Heath Ledger) which received 29 votes.
Grump-Double-Barrel-bike of the month

I’m gonna have to add an “Editor’s Choice” category to our monthly Bike Of The Month competition. And with that said the Editor’s Choice bike of the month is L Chapo Chaplin’s DK Pro XXL “Joker”. The custom work done on that frame is second to none, the details were beyond awesome. I really liked the Rival Racing “Medirival” a lot and we were leaning towards it for the win but the details on the “Joker” just couldn’t be beat in my eyes. Both the Dk and the Rival were hand painted by Rocket Custom Designs in Australia. They do impeccable work! 


So there you have it, the first bike of the month competition is done and it was a lot of fun! I already started the February round and I can’t wait to see what bikes are gonna get sent my way. I’m gonna be upgrading the ratings system and taking the Bike Of The Month competition to the next level. That’ll be coming really soon, stay tuned!


Bike Of The Month February Results (2017)



BOTM Feb 2017 Results

The Bike Of The Month contest is heating up and already in our second month of doing it, the competition is stiff! The competition is so stiff that we created a few new categories. Check out the results below

People’s Choice Winner:
2017 TNT Superfong
The TNT Superfong got a rating score average of 9.55. It was the highest rated bike of the month by the viewers. 33 people rated/voted for this bike! This is Our February 2017 Bike Of The Month!!
2017 TNT Superfong Pro XL Black full
Most Votes Winner:
1984 Hutch Trick Star
40 viewers rated/voted for this bike. It got a 9.18 rating score average.
1984 Hutch Trick Star chome
Custom Paint Job Winner:
Hyper Assault “Vietnam” tribute done by Rocket Custom designs. 
Hyper Assualt, BMX Vietnam front
Original Design Winner:
Zagmaster!! That frame, fork and handle bar design was wild!!!
Marty Edan Zagmaster custom bmx side
Editor’s Choice:
URP Moto 1
urban racing parts Moto V1 BMX belt drive
Now this was a super hard decision. We could’ve taken the easy route and went with the Hutch, That bike is timeless and it was very close to getting it. The Daylight is another amazing bike but there just weren’t enough photos submitted to really give the viewers an idea of the awesome work put into this bike. The Superfong is an amazing resurrection of a BMX classic, the bike looks sick!! The Hyper had an awesome custom paint job. But it was the URP with that innovative dropout to accommodate the belt plus the fact that it had disc brakes is what edged it out over the rest of the bikes. That belt drive technology in BMX Racing is really starting to pick up and so far we think this is the best frame solution for it.

Now we know not everyone will agree with the results, that’s just the nature of contest. So let us know your thoughts in the comments below

Fun fact: The TNT, Hutch and Hyper Vietnam were the only bikes to get over 20 votes

BOTM Result Chart, feb 2017

So March is already here and we’re looking for more bikes to feature as the Bike Of The Day and add to the Bike Of The Month Contest. Please submit your photos, bike parts, etc to our FACEBOOK PAGE

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Bike Of The Month Contest Jan 2017



Bike of the month jan

So we started a “Bike Of The Day” where we feature awesome BMX bike builds on the site. Users submit good quality photos of their bikes along with a bunch of photos and a parts list to us.
Now we’re getting you the viewers involved with our new “Bike Of The Month” contest. We list all the bikes that we posted as Bike Of The Day for the month and you pick which one was your favorite. Whichever bike has the highest vote percentage by the end of the month wins.

Click on the images in the voting box below to pick your favorite bike.
More Photos of each bike below the voting box to see more detail.

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