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VIDEO: Tommy Zula ‘Riding Through Life’ BMX Mini Doc (@1DkTz)

tommy zula riding through life vid

BMX Racing Elite Pro Tommy Zula was recently featured in this mini documentary about how BMX impacted his life. In the video he talks about how BMX was his escape when he was growing up. He also talks about how he traveled the world and experienced a lot of great things doing the sport he loves, BMXing! There’s a variety of clips of Tommy riding through the streets and hitting the track plus there’s footage of Tommy’s early days on a bike.

It’s a nice insight on a BMX racers life and we love the way it was shot. It’s definitely a perspective we’d like to see more of from the racing side of BMX.

The video was nicely shot by Ryan Sanderson and Chris Myhren. Visit Ryan’s Vimeo Page where he talks about how this mini-doc came to be. It’s an interesting story.

Riding Through Life from Ryan Sanderson on Vimeo.

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