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5″ Metro MadL by Sketone (4 Photos)

sketone 5 letro madl

In our never ending search for HipHop inspired designer toys we came across this dope piece by Sketone called “5 Metro Madl”! Inspired by the NYC Subway system the 5″Metro Madl features a figure with a face done in the likeness of the front of the 1 train. Sket also flipped the MTA logo with his name. The ears look like they could be speakers, we’re not sure what they are lol!! On the back there’s the train car number, american flag and Sket’s tag.
Each came with a small vintage NYC subway token and they were signed and numbered.
It’s a really cool NYC flavored piece but all 30 figures already sold out at $200 a pop! Check out SketOne’s shop for more great pieces!

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