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Philanthrope “Clockwork” HipHop Instrumental Album Stream

philanthrope, clockwork

Innsbruck, Austria based producer Philanthrope dropped a dope laidback HipHop instrumental album yesterday called “Clockwork”. It’s 15 tracks of pure chillhop dopeness and rightfully so since “Clockwork” was released on Chillhop Records 😉 We’re loving the vibes on this album, every track is a treat with that HipHop Jazz influence. THIS IS HIPHOP!!

About Clockwork:
“Philanthrope has been a huge influence for Chillhop, both with his music as well as his work behind the scenes. Clockwork is filled with melancholic, jazzy chill hip hop beats and we’re honored to be able to release this via Chillhop Records on all digital platforms as well as limited edition vinyl.”

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