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Diamondback – Skidsville – Is BikeLife Awesomeness!

The folks at Diamondback recently dropped this video about how awesome bikes are called “Skidsville”. The video tells the story about a off road cyclist’s adventures on a bike from childhood all the way to adulthood. Form his dad teaching him how to ride as a young kid, to him learning tricks with his first trick being a SKID ;), to him and his friends going on wild adventures on their bikes, this video has it all. There’s even a cute story about how the rider winds up with the girl he had a crush on as kid doing his paper route. It turns out that she grew up to ride MTB’s like him. They now have a kid and he video ends with him teaching his little one how to ride. How cool is that! Check out the video and get inspired!!!

Directed by: Scotty Carlson & Mike Hopkins
Produced by: Juicy Studios & Mike Hopkins
Filmed by: Scott Secco, David Peacock, and Derek Frankowski
Script by: Sean Smillie
Post Production Sound: Keith White Audio
Narration by: Graham Tracey
Executive Producer: Steve Westover (Diamondback Bikes)
Still Photography: Bruno Long
With help from: Most of Rossland, BC

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