Tony Rock Project VS Chocolate News

So we got two new black comedy shows that just came out, “The Tony Rock Project” hosted guessed it Tony Rock and “Chocolate News” hosted by David Allen Greir. Tony Rocks show which airs on MYNetwork has skits, MOS(Man On The Street) interviews and stuff like that and “Chocolate New” which air on Comedy Central is Mostly sketches. I just finished watching both shows(Luckily I have a DVR at work cuz you know I couldn’t miss the debate last night) and I gotta say neither one is messing with Dave Chappelles show but Chocolate News has potential especially with David Allen Grier hosting, it’s  better that TRP. I actually had some good laughs watching Chocolate News especially when David Allen Grier did the Fat Man rapper sketch and the Maya Angelou one but the N word sketch at the end could’ve been funnier. Other then that I thought “Chocolate News” was good and David is just funny anyway. The Tony Rock project was just ok but why is the other guy helping Tony host? Who is he? It’s the most annoying part of the show to me and you can see the punch lines from a mile away when they do their bantering. The MOS stuff on the show is ok(I’ve already gotten calls from my friends saying they jacked my style). The best part about The Tony Rock Project was the MOS, everything else was kinda lame. At the end of the day it’s good to see my brothers working and getting that bread, keep doing you!

Anyways I said all that to ask you guys your opinion of the shows, Which show do you like better? “The Tony Rock Project” or “Chocolate News”? Holla!

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