murs hiphop trivia

Murs (HipHop Triva)

HipHop Triva was part #3 of my interview with MURS. Dude got skills with the trivia questions, he knew most of the answers and even schooled me on some of the trivia. I’m gonna have to step my game up because I usually do just the fundamental HipHop tirvia but for kats like MURS I gotta go deep. Check it out!



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  1. I like this website. I always wanted to do a hip hop trivia. you beat me to making this idea happen.
    now i'm not as educated as you are with the trivia questions, and idk all that much about the 70s. but late 80s and up i got a little knowledge

  2. Big ups to Murs…BUY THE ALBUM! MURS FOR PRESIDENT and shout out to producer L.T mOE who produced “Everything” #6 (the james blunt sample was CRAZY!)-

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