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Dr Lector Truth Grills Batman Beyond About T.I.(NYC Comic Con)

Dr Lector Truth is at it again grilling another comic book hero. This time he gets at Batman Beyond and ask him some T.I. trivia.


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  1. Hey there Dr. Lector Truth,

    I see you posted the interview of me at the convention. I will admit that your interviewing did caught me ‘off guard’ abit and some of your questions was quite amusing. Yet, what had me really puzzled is WHY would you be asking a Superhero such questions like ‘Hip-Hop Rappers’ subjects at a comicbook convention is ‘BEYOND ME'(maybe almost irrelevant?). However, I just took it as a ‘unexpected joke’. Thanks anyway for the posting of the interview here and as you would say in the Hip-Hop world: “Ppppeeaaacceee”(with the two finger duces on the side)!

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