[BMX]3 Year Old Determined To Finish His Race, With The Help Of His Parents At Jack Frost

One of the first lessons that you learn when you get on the track is to “Never give up”, If you fall down, get back up and put your best foot FWD and get to the finsh line. It’s alway a great thing to see that determination from riders in all classes it doesn’t matter if there in first or last place. I love BMX for so many reasons but it’s a great family sport that everyone can participate in in some capacity. Anyways enough of my ranting but one last thing, I would recomend anybody with kids to bring em to the track and get em into racing!

Below are the links to the two sanctions to find out more about BMX and how to get started:

American Bicycle Association(ABA)

National Bicycle League(NBL)

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Jack Frost (Race Action)

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