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Shannon Newby Talks About His TV Show HEAVY SEDATION At ECBACC 09

Shannon  Newby came down to the 8th annual ECBACC convention to promote his TV “Heavy Sedation”

Here’s a brief history on “Heavy Sedation” from

Heavy Sedation is a new television series of comedic and dramatic science fiction and suspense short films from award winning filmmaker Shannon Newby. Using a repertory theatre approach, the show uses the same actors, playing different characters in different stories every week.

How it all started

I always had the idea of creating a series of the many weird short stories I have been writing over the years. So in 2004 I made a short film entitled Forget Tomorrow in vein of the show idea. Forget Tomorrow played here in Philadelphia on WYBE Channel 35. The response to the film was overwhelming to say the least. The show became one the most requested short films at WYBE for 2 years. (At one point it played everyday for a week.) Forget Tn.omorrow went on to win best short film at the Philadelphia International Film Festival was accepted in many other festivals and then was seen by 25 million people nationwide on ABC on the syndicated show Badami TV. The success of Forget Tomorrow lead to the opportunity to create a weekly series. ‘Heavy Sedation’ was born

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