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Rob Taylor Talks About His “Night Jak” Comic Book At ECBACC

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I met up with my boy Rob Taylor at this years ECBACC Convention to find out the progress with his comic book entitled “Night Jak” check out the clip!! Below is a breakdown on what the Night Jak comic book is about from the Superhuman Works website.

“CHICAGO, The windy City. A city being rebuilt to represent itself as a shining beacon for the rest of the world to follow has been taken over by mad street gangs, hi-tech mobsters and super powered villains wanting to make a name for themselves.

Billionaire Thomas Knight of “Knight Technologies” is shot in the back when a gang war breaks out and is crippled in its wake. Shaun Knight (his son) uses his marine training-with a little help from an Asian corporate thief named Michael Yu. With an underground state of the art base of operations-together they stand to fight against the war on crime.

Thus, the NIGHT JAK is born.”

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