The Top 10 Spittin In Da Wip MC’s For Friday 6.11.10

Wassup ya’ll the Spittin In Da Wip Charts were real active this week! Queens MC’s Jus Cool was getting a lot of votes this past week and landed in the #1 Spot taking out Hired Gun from his long run at the top to #3, Charlie Clips holds on to #2 for another week and P.West went from #3 to #4 this week, Raashan Ahmad and DNA both moved down one spot to #5th and #6th, Ms Hustle moved up to #7th from #8th this week. Long Island MC Cardi Crown Prince dropped from #6 place last week to#8th this week. Knowledge Born/Napoleon Da Legend dropped from #7th to 9th place and Lady Luck holds her spot at #10 for another week.

So far we have 13 MC’s on the Top 50 Chart, I know your wondering how could it be a top 50 Chart when there’s only 13 MC’s on it, That’s because those are the only MC’s that got at least 10 votes. As the votes come in the list will grow, eventually the top 50 Chart will be the “All Time Top 50”!

On each Spittin In Da Wip episode there’s a rating box under the video where you can rate the MC’s Content, Lyrical Skill, Content and Swagger, once you finish clicking on the stars press the submit button and that will count as one vote,  You don’t need to be a member of CAC-TV to  vote. So if you want to see your favorite Spittin In Da Wip episode on the Top 50 Chart start voting and tell your friends to vote too.

Below is this weeks top 10 list, you can click on it to see the full chart.

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