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@SymplEmcee Appears On First Spittin In Da Wip Episode Of 2018

Sympl Emcee is the first emcee to be featured on Crazy Al Cayne’s “Spittin In Da Wip” series in 2018! This episodes happens to be one of the rare occasions that Crazy Al is actually driving Da Wip. Luckily Sympl brought his boy San_ity to come along for the trip and bring out some items from the back of the truck for him to rap about when he started freestyling.

This is episode makes the 375th episode of Spittin In Da Wip which will be celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary this November. We’re hoping to get to 400 episodes by then. Stay tuned!

Be sure to rate Sympl’s performance (Delivery, lyrical skill, content, freestyle and stamina) HERE for the monthly Spittin In Da Wip competition!

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